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Cover of Zombie Birdhouse

Zombie Birdhouse Reissued

Iggy Pop’s ‘Haitian Nightmare’ turns into a quirky album

Zombie Birdhouse, Iggy Pop’s strange and long out of print album from the early 80s, is being reissued in June 2019 by Caroline Records. Most listeners were pretty confused by the album, which wasn’t like anything else in his discography (and remains unique) and it quietly disappeared into the used vinyl and CD market. It’s interesting to hear the record now being marketed as something of a ‘lost classic,’ but the time may be right to hear what the influence of this album might have been.

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Cowboys International: Original Sin (Revisited) (Again)

This piece was  written in 2003 when Original Sin was released for the first time on CD by the label CD Baby. The disc was titled Revisited and it featured the full original album plus five additional tracks. However, it failed to preserve the original programming order of the album tracks, opting instead for a random presentation. Revisited is still available on the resale market, however the original album is now available for streaming and MP3 download at both Spotify and Amazon

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