In Ten Tracks

Welcome to the In Ten Tracks home page. 

In Ten Tracks is a selection of tracks that have meaning to me and have stuck with me through the years, appearing frequently on mixtapes and playlists. Not necessarily stuff you’ll find on an artist’s Greatest Hits collection.

In Ten Tracks is NOT a regular ‘best of’ or 10 best’ listicle. I don’t purport to represent a performer’s greatest hits or most popular songs but I don’t purposely remove any hits from consideration.

Sometimes the songs drive the narrative of the band or performer’s career or records. Sometimes it’s about my experience and interactions with the band’s music through the years. Sometimes it’s tracks that seem unfairly ignored or that highlight a sub-story about the performer.

Sometimes certain songs remind me of certain experiences or people. And since everyone interacts with music and incorporates it into their own story differently, many readers will have a different list. 

I’d love to year your comments, your tracks, and your stories, so please feel free to post comments that add to the discussion and appreciation of the featured performer.