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Music festivals: how to get more women on stage (and it’s not just 50/50 quotas)

by Samantha Warren, University of Portsmouth

By all accounts, Kylie Minogue was fabulous at Glastonbury this year. What she wasn’t though – contrary to promotional material – was a headline act. Unlike Stormzy, The Killers and The Cure, who all topped the bill on successive nights on the main Pyramid Stage, Kylie appeared in much less prominent spots on the festival line-up – similar to Janet Jackson, who had also been promoted as a headliner.

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Redemption Day

Sheryl Crow and Johnny Cash duet across space and time

Sheryl Crow/Johnny Cash “Redemption Day”

Sheryl Crow’s latest single is a duet between her and singer Johnny Cash on her song “Redemption Day,” although the pair’s vocals are sixteen years apart and separated by the grave. But because the two performers knew each other and Cash talked to Sheryl about the song before he recorded it, this project seems heartfelt and unforced, as well as timely.

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Cover of Zombie Birdhouse

Zombie Birdhouse Reissued

Iggy Pop’s ‘Haitian Nightmare’ turns into a quirky album

Zombie Birdhouse, Iggy Pop’s strange and long out of print album from the early 80s, is being reissued in June 2019 by Caroline Records. Most listeners were pretty confused by the album, which wasn’t like anything else in his discography (and remains unique) and it quietly disappeared into the used vinyl and CD market. It’s interesting to hear the record now being marketed as something of a ‘lost classic,’ but the time may be right to hear what the influence of this album might have been.

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