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Cover of Zombie Birdhouse

Zombie Birdhouse Reissued

Iggy Pop’s ‘Haitian Nightmare’ turns into a quirky album

Zombie Birdhouse, Iggy Pop’s strange and long out of print album from the early 80s, is being reissued in June 2019 by Caroline Records. Most listeners were pretty confused by the album, which wasn’t like anything else in his discography (and remains unique) and it quietly disappeared into the used vinyl and CD market. It’s interesting to hear the record now being marketed as something of a ‘lost classic,’ but the time may be right to hear what the influence of this album might have been.

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Bill Laswell: Book of Exit, Dub Chamber 4

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Bill Laswell’s experimental dub series concludes with Book of Exit, a recording that seamlessly blends dub with Eastern music. Produced and arranged by Laswell, Dub Chamber 4 features vocals by Ejigayehu “GiGi” Shibabaw, drums and tabla by Karsh Kale, and percussion by Aiyb Dieng. Laswell , who also acts as producer/arranger, provides bass, guitar, and keyboards.

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The NDIM Guide to Dub

Dub music is generally considered a subgenre of reggae, and that is where its roots lie, but it has gone through several periods and a variety of innovative artists so that it no longer seems beholden to any genre. Indeed it has influenced nearly everything it has come into contact with. Musical genres as varied as punk rock, hip hop, trip hop, techno, house, and most subsequent permutations of dance or electronic music have all been imprinted heavily with the heavy sounds and trippy legacy of dub music.

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Black Uhuru's Red album cover

Black Uhuru Gets Dubbie with Sly & Robbie

A look back at Sinsemilla, Red, and The Dub Factor

Back in my college days I attended a Black Uhuru concert in St. Louis. I was interested in reggae largely because of the influence of punk bands of the day, such as the Clash and the Members, who were incorporating reggae into their own sounds. Uhuru was working with Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, the rhythm section responsible for laying down tracks on some of Peter Tosh’s best-known albums, including Equal Rights, Legalize It, and Bush Doctor.

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