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King Crimson 50 Year Anniversary

King Crimson Catalog Coming to Spotify

King Crimson’s 13 album catalog will become available on the Spotify streaming service in the summer of 2019, a year of outreach for the venerable prog rock band. Crimson’s has been one of the rare substantial catalogs of recordings that have never been available for streaming. 

New Directions in Music is re-posting it’s King Crimson: A 21st Century Guide Part I, which covers the years 1969-1974. Part 2, which will cover Robert Fripp’s work during the period when Crimson was inactive will be published in May, and the final parts (covering the King Crimson catalog from 1981-1984 and 1994-present) will be published to coincide with the tour. Also check out The Art of the Album entry on Barry Godber’s iconic cover art for In the Court of the Crimson King.

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Joni Mitchell’s Career Retrospective Travelogue

Joni Mitchell’s career has been a long one, with many twists and turns. It was effectively brought to a close by her 2015 brain aneurysm, from which she continues to rehabilitate. 2019 has seen the celebration of Mitchell’s 75th birthday by a stellar group of songwriters and performers. In 2002 Mitchell released Travelogue, a retrospective of songs from throughout Mitchell’s career arranged and orchestrated by Vince Mendoza and produced by Mitchell and Larry Klein. This article discusses Travelogue in the context of Joni Mitchell’s career and its place as ‘Mitchell’s last album’, as she told Rolling Stone in 2002.

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Red Rose Speedway/Wings

A bit messy, but archival edition shows it was better than many remembered

Red Rose Speedway is a watershed album in the Wings catalog, coming as it does between the somewhat remedial Wild Life (which McCartney has also treated to an archival reissue this year) and Band on the Run, which is generally acknowledged to be Paul’s undeniable post-Beatles masterpiece. Neither Red Rose Speedway nor Band on the Run manages to bring Wings out from under Paul’s shadow, but both are worthy albums.

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Cowboys International: Original Sin (Revisited) (Again)

This piece was  written in 2003 when Original Sin was released for the first time on CD by the label CD Baby. The disc was titled Revisited and it featured the full original album plus five additional tracks. However, it failed to preserve the original programming order of the album tracks, opting instead for a random presentation. Revisited is still available on the resale market, however the original album is now available for streaming and MP3 download at both Spotify and Amazon

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David Axelrod/The Edge: David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966–1970

Read David Axelrod: Soul on the Edge

David Axelrod/The Edge

David Axelrod stands as one of a handful of record producers who created a sound that, regardless of the artist with whom he was working, was recognizable as an Axelrod production. Phil Spector possessed a similar ability, as did Willie Mitchell. But Axelrod specialized in a gritty yet elegant sound that owed a great deal to the black urban experience.

The Edge: David Axelrod at Capitol DRecords 1966–1970 collects some of Axelrod’s production work as well as a selection of tracks from his own albums. Although you’ll have to hit the crates to find a number of Axelrod’s releases, this is a decent introductory CD. 

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