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Cool Jazz

History of Jazz: Part 5

Ted Gioia, one of the writers who has given significant attention to cool jazz, writes “The cool aesthetic has always found a few lonely champions in the jazz arena–fascinating individuals who have provided an alternative to the dominant hot stylists. As such, they stand as double outsiders in the already counterculture world of jazz.”

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Give A Damn

Spanky & Our Gang, John V. Lindsay and the counterculture meet in the whirlwind of 1968

by Marshall Bowden

1968, the summer of the New York Urban Coalition’s ‘Give a Damn’ campaign was much different than that of 1967. The summer of love rose in a giant puffy cloud over the San Franciso Bay area and wafted out across the country. But now that cloud was turning darker.

For Spanky and Our Gang, a Chicago-based pop music group whose music helped spawn the sun-drenched subgenre ‘sunshine pop,’ as for many Americans, it turned into the year.

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Beatles ’73: The ‘Lost’ Beatles Album Game

by Marshall Bowden

The last Beatles album, Let It Be, was released 49 years ago, on May 8, 1970. As we approach a half-century without the Fab Four, I decided to take a shot at the Lost Beatles Album Game. This game is a favorite among Beatles fans the world over. The idea is to create one more Beatles studio album from their collective output in the period following the breakup of the group.

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The Bebop Revolution

History of Jazz: Part 4

Bebop arrived on the scene, to hear the tale, a fully formed grotesque of music, a deranged Athena fully sprung from the head of the Zeus-like swing era. It caused some musicians, such as Cab Calloway and Tommy Dorsey, to have violent reactions. Many audiences weren’t ready for the new sound either. This is what we commonly hear about one of the most important musical developments of the 20th century.

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Redemption Day

Sheryl Crow and Johnny Cash duet across space and time

Sheryl Crow/Johnny Cash “Redemption Day”

Sheryl Crow’s latest single is a duet between her and singer Johnny Cash on her song “Redemption Day,” although the pair’s vocals are sixteen years apart and separated by the grave. But because the two performers knew each other and Cash talked to Sheryl about the song before he recorded it, this project seems heartfelt and unforced, as well as timely.

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