Johnny Cash Duets

Johnny Cash, one of music’s consummate entertainers, could sing a duet with just about anyone…and did.

Johnny Cash could sit down with a guitar and sing with just about anyone. As a singer and songwriter and something of an outlaw, Cash could spot young talent and he was eager to give young performers a shot on his television show where he would frequently sit and perform with the most talented singers and songwriters of the day. 

Of course, he also had some close musical friends of his own generation that were more than happy to stop by and sometimes he’d guest with friends on other programs.

Bonus clip: Read about and watch Sheryl Crow’s duet with Johnny Cash on her song “Redemption Day”.

Here are 10 clips of Johnny performing with an amazing variety of legendary performers:

With Roy Orbison, “Pretty Woman”
‘I can’t hit those fine high notes like you do’ Johnny tells Roy Orbison in this 1969 clip from The Johnny Cash show.
With Linda Ronstadt, “I Never Will Marry” 1969
Linda recorded a solo version of this song on her 1977 album Simple Dreams
With Bob Dylan, “Girl From the North Country”
This Dylan song is perfect for Johnny’s voice. From Rolling Stone:
“There was a fine friendliness between the two and if you watch closely, you’ll see Dylan slyly driving Cash on the refrain (“. . . true love of mine . . .”). “
The Class of ’55: Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison & Jerry Lee Lewis “This Train is Bound for Glory”
With Shel Silverstein, “A Boy Named Sue,” a song Silverstein wrote that was a big hit for Cash. Silverstein performs by himself as well.
Johnny performs “Pick the Wildwood Flower” with his mother-in-law Maybelle Carter on guitar.
With wife June Carter Cash performing their signature duet “Jackson’
With Louis Armstrong, “Blue Yodel No.9”
Two guys who could sit in with anyone.
With Merle Haggard “I’m Leaving Now” 2000.
“I’m Leaving Now” was originally written and recorded by Johnny Cash for his 1985 album, Rainbow. In 2000, Johnny re-recorded the song as a duet with Merle Haggard for the album, American III: Solitary Man, produced by Rick Rubin.
With Willie Nelson, “Folsom Prison Blues”

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