Do It Now Turns 50

The compilation that changed my life and how I heard pop/rock music

This album is a celebration of life–a feeling of energy and love by the poets, artists and musicians who have joined together to speak for a purpose–to relay the message against drug abuse. The DO IT NOW FOUNDATION is dedicated to helping fight this problem. Never before in the history of the recording industry have so many artists of such stature donated their services for a collage album. We wish to thank all those caring people, the record companies and music producers, whose contributions went into making this album a reality. 

–From album notes, Do It Now, 1970–

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Weather Report: Forecast Tomorrow

Weather Report has long been an influential band, and even detractors of the group’s later work find it difficult to be critical of some of the group’s early recordings. At the group’s core were keyboardist Joe Zawinul, a veteran of Cannonball Adderley’s group as well as influential work with Miles Davis, and saxophonist Wayne Shorter, who worked extensively with Davis as part of his second great quintet and, before that, Art Blakey.

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Music Streaming vs. Ownership: If You Like It, Spend Some $$ On It

by Marshall Bowden

Music streaming services like Spotify have become the go-to for many music fans, even those who listen to music a lot. But bottom line, you need to own copies of the music you consider essential in whatever format you prefer, or your ability to hear it on demand might disappear overnight.

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